About us

" Intelligent Infrared Thermal Imaging Thermometer" based on AI and Infrared Thermal Imaging technology, helped schools, shopping malls ,markets, factories and Industry Parks to fast screening fever persons and do real time alarming. The system deploys our professional optimized algorithms, enables precise temperature measuring even a large part of the face is obscured(under mask). The temperature measurement is fast and with high precision, multiple persons in imaging, enables high shuttling efficiency without any traffic congestion. Hangzhou Jieshi Technology founded in June,2017. Core team members were graduated from Zhejiang University, Hangzhou University of Electronic Science and Technology, most of whom were core staff of famous listed enterprises, have profound industry accumulations with more than 10 years experiences in thermal imaging, AI and machine vision.

We have developed stable and reliable Intelligent Infrared Imaging Thermometer, with features such as high accuracy,suspected fever alarming and easy installation. Coupling with our Face Recognition system, it can do tracking of close contact people.