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Hangzhou Jieshi Technology

Hangzhou Jieshi Technology founded in June,2017. Core team members were graduated from Zhejiang University, Hangzhou University of Electronic Science and Technology, most of whom were core staff of famous listed enterprises, have profound industry accumulations with more than 10 years experiences in thermal imaging, AI and machine vision.

We have developed stable and reliable Intelligent Infrared Imaging Thermometer, with features such as high accuracy,suspected fever alarming and easy installation. Coupling with our Face Recognition system, it can do tracking of close contact people.

We are qualified as Small and Medium-sized Science-technology Enterprise in Zhejiang Province and National High-Tech Enterprise in China.


You can learn more about us from the following products.We will provide 100% service to all our clients, no matter their projects are large or small

    Size L230mmxW142.6mmxH88.5mm,Integrated structure thermometer,Support HDMI out (No need pc ),detection simutaneously≥10persons

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  • Black Body

    Size L192mmxW110mmxH110mm...

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  • OS-FACE-DM60S(user's manual)

    1.The company reserves the right to modify any information in this document at any time. This manual will be updated from time to time, updated content will be added in the new version of the manual without notice....

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  • OS-FACE-DM60

    Thermal camera is a mid-range fever system offering suitable for public places such as a subway, airport, wharf, station, shopping mall and other places with high traffic....

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